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digitalbath - Geode NX 1500@6W @ 2372.8MHz - 35min 20sec 219ms SuperPi - 32M


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Yes it is. Atlan1980 (member of hardwareluxx.de) reworked the whole Vdimm feedback loop and developed a Vtt mod for the Asus board. He introduced smaller resistors for the FB loop, swapped the mosfets and coils in the Vdimm regulator and removed a cap in the feedback loop which basically eliminated the Vdimm drop under load. We're now at <50mV drop under load at high vcore. I haven't tried it myself, but it looks like we can push much further now, even with TCCDs. @digitalbath managed to pass a 260Mhz 32M run with 2x512mb TCCDs :D 

Link, have a look at the attached PDF on this post:


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My guess is that we‘re getting some vdimm drop on the sticks which results in a lower(ed) vtt voltage requirement. 

Ive still to try the newer mods, i havent got any decent dso or analog scope to measure ripple and thus i can‘t test those new mods myself yet...

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