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HELP! any MODs on mini to fit ATX and 240mm rad!


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Just received my mini and in all my research I have still failed as I thought I seen things that my new gear will work!! only thing i got right was the motherboard!


I have corsair 1200i ATX and 240mm rad AIO coming 2 item that the mini doesn't take any idea's if people have experiments and tried get larger gear to fit on the mini?

Not wasting 400 buck on the mini MB so not going to sell the mini case and get the normal size as I'm being stubborn as dont wont a mini MB on the larger BC1!

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4 hours ago, Trouffman said:

This is quite a mod ! 
Definetly would love to see more pictures and how you attached things.

We definitely not expected someone to fit an ATX PSU on the Mini (official support is for SFX) - The community keeps surprising us for sure !

yes i will i will still not happy with couple of things and need to drill a couple of holes and adjust some fittings but for now its stable and wont fall over! i need more little brackets as i still need make it more secure.In my experimenting with different fittings in different positions and over tighting some of the screws can spares be bought separate? also need exxtra little mounting brackets

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