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VPII - GeForce RTX 3080 @ 2205/10250MHz - 18604 marks 3DMark - Time Spy


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Hi there, in all honesty it is air cooled and stock cooler. What I did was to check what the power draw was during the run. Now I know my card can run 2085mhz without an issue playing Metro Exodus or Shadow of Towmb Raider at 1080P and I only tested it as 1080P as power draw was mostly below 320watt then clocks stay above 2000mhz all the time. I did this to test the card if it had the issues with crashing when over 2000mhz. Now with the Time Spy run, your power draw is way over 320watt almost right through so I figured I'll check how high I can push the clocks as I knew the card was good for 2085mhz no worries. I stopped at +164mhz on the core and that was when I got this result. I just wish I can get a decent power limit for the card.
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Trus me my system do not look very good. It is in a case but it is open as I dropped the glass side and cannot care to get a new one as it does not matter to me. In future, yes I will do so. I did find out just now that with the original driver I cannot run this clock speed and I saw the vgpu jumping around for the few seconds it ran. I installed the new driver and it worked again with the clocks but failed at the end of the first graphics test which I believe my be temps. I'll try again tomorrow morning as the spring days here in Cape Town, South Africa can get somewhat warm. But thank you for the suggestion.
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