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OS tweaks to improve Cinebench R15


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Good day

I am hoping that I am posting this in the correct area of the forum so I upfront apologize if this is the case. I am quite new on HWbot forum but have been putting scores up on Hwbot.org for a while now. I go under the username wimpievanzyl. I was wondering if any of the pro`s on here can help with some tweaks or suggestions to get Cinebench R15 to score better? 

I either have not fully tweaked/stripped my OS or I suspect I am running not the correct version of Cinebench R15 that most benchers on this platform are using. I am running a x299 Dark with a 10980xe chip and also 32gb of Teamforce Dark 3200CL14 RAM so on the hardware side I think I am well of. My score at 4.9ghz and 3.3ghz on the Cache with the memory are always sitting around the 4760 region.

This chip can go to 5.1 with a little tweaking of the voltage but the best I could do was a 5015 using Benchmate`s version of R15. I have seen a few submissions and also top overclockers getting almost 4900 plus scores at around 4.9ghz. I constantly see I am missing around a 100 points out from those scores.

Is there something I am missing? Hope someone can assist.

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Thanks will give disabling hpet a try also. After a lot of digging I found a thread on overclock.net and also the same thread here on the forums with regards to my same issue. It seems the OP went to V1.19 on the EVGA x299 Dark  BIOS and that solved the performance issue. Have anyone with a DARK MB also experienced the same when it came to BIOS versions and running the 10980xe? Will try downgrading to the same BIOS and do some testing and report back.

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