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Crosshair V Formula, 8086K (EU)


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Time to put some stuff for sale that I don't need.


1. 2x Asus Crosshair V Formula motherboards.

Two Original non-Z C5F boards that are in good condition. Other one has been tested on LN2, other one has never seen cold. Both boards will come with these separately purchased mounting plastics but I doubt you will need them. Bulk so no accessories. Both boards have new BIOS chip installed with latest BIOS version available at ASUS website.


Price: 80€ + shipping for one board. (1 left)


2. Intel Core i7 8086K limited edition.


Was going to test this on cold but not enough time. Already delidded but not sealed so you can use your own TIM of choice.


Price: 340€ + shipping. (Gone)


Payment can be done either via Paypal or bank transfer.



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