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[FS][WW] 4790k /4670k/G3258/G3220

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5ghz@1.24 2c wprime32

5ghz not possible up to 1.35v,although it has good temps,max i got was 41% from wprime 1024

4.9 finishes just fine, so core is not degraded just has scalling issues with full core.

Price 180 Euro


weak core, 5 ghz possible on ambient on 2c ,up to 1.35v from what i remember.

Strong imc, 2933 9-12-12 no issues.

Price 90 Eur

G3258 no1 - sold

Good imc, great for low clock chalenges.

G3258 no2

Banana core, imc handels 2800 + samsung

Price 15 Eur


Price 10 Eur

Good to test boards, no idea about imc.

Prices do not include postage, buyer takes care of transfer fees(PP //Bank Transfer)


Will add screenshots later on.



best try full core.jpeg


g3258 banana.jpeg

g3258 best.jpeg

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