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CPUz mini benchmark competition / challenge


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I am well aware that CPU z isn't the most reliable standard when assessing CPU system performance. I want to say that right up front. But pros list, everyone has it and we all play by the same rules so it should make for a relatively painless, competitive benchmarking experience that nearly all here on the forum can get involved with. If we can get enough interest going I will add a leaderboard.

Very simple, run the CPU z "bench" tab and post that screenshot here - also include the "CPU" tab in CPUz as well, so I can record your system specifications on the leaderboard. Your result should look nearly identical to this, without out any superfluous data, focusing solely on the CPU and Bench tabs ONLY!

This is one of my dual socket z820s running two Xeon 2696 v2 processors for a total of 24C and 48T... include a brief description of your rig or specs on the build, if you wish. You may also include a picture of the rig itself.


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