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3dmark systeminfo turning itself off ( bug ) during any 3dmark FS ,TS runs on rtx 3090x2 sli help.


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Hello , i'm experiencing a weird bug in all 3dmark benchmarks ( TS , FS , etc... ) , systeminfo is disabling itself when running any benchmark while running 2xsli rtx3090. The screen flickers for a few seconds during systeminfo scan and it will start the benchmark , it will run normal and the scores are normal but when i submit for online validation it says is valid result but also says systeminfo was disable ??? I already open a ticket at futuremark/UL , they have not responded back to me yet.

 I see no one yet has submitted this configuration 2xsli rtx 3090 , no subs yet here on hwbot , so i guess i'm the beta tester lol .

Configuration is as follows: ASRock x299 oc formula mobo , 9980xe cpu , 4x4 g.skill flarex 3200cas14 , 1 Asus Strix oc rtx3090 + 1 Asus Tuf oc rtx 3090 = 2xsli rtx 3090 using evga sli nvlink sli bridge , evga 1600w G2 + evga 1200w P2 psu , monitor Sceptre 32" 1080p 75hz freesync , latest windows 10 full completely updated , it happens with any driver for rtx 3090 ( there is only 4 drivers available since this gpus are so new ). Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciate it.




Kind Regards: Angelo




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21 minutes ago, Leeghoofd said:

Thx for the heads up Angelo. Keep us posted what FM comes up with 

Hello Alby , i found the problem. This set up keeps dropping memory chanels , and it seems hwinfo gets all weird trying to verify and figure it out  the ammount of ram on the system. Eventhought the system says 32gb in reality is 24gb tri-chanel as quad chanel is not working on this half dead mobo.

The solution i found was using maxmem below 24gb ( i was testing without max mem hence the problem ) , now it runs and scores as it should and i get a valid score without warnings. Systeminfo bug they need to fix.


Kind regards: Angelo


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Futuremark/UL  Jarno Kokko-QA & Support Lead replied to me , i will be sending some files today to see if the can fix this bug when no maxmem is used and the memory install does not match the real usable memory.

Here is a copy/paste of his reply.

Hi there,
Go to SystemInfo install folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\Futuremark\SystemInfo

Run FMSIdiag.exe

Enable "redirect output" in the second tab

Run scan, send the .txt log files that appear in the SystemInfo install folder 


Jarno Kokko

QA & Support Lead

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