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(FS-USA) AM2, AM3, 775, winbond ddr1

Mythical tech

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p5e3 premium. 100$ shipped within the US
ma790x-ud4p. 95$ shipped within the US
msi b450m pro-m2 50$ shipped within the US
Crosshair crosshair iv extreme 100$ shipped within the us
4 sticks of ch5 and two sticks of bh5: 85$ shipped within the us


Will do the lot for 300$ of boards

Last of my p5e3 lot of three: 275$ shipped within the US 


Team group A0 BDIE that does 4080 c12 easy which is the max of my imc: 150$ shipped within the US 


GTX 2xx card lot 

Three gtx 260's 216 I binned from 10

Two gtx 295's one is a single pcb without mods but has a water block and the other is a dual pcb with mods done by Miller I think. 

Lot is 250$ shipped within the US 


RX 580 strix no mods or insulation: 135$ shipped within the US 


HD 6990: 80$ shipped within the US 

Also selling all the other hardware I have. If there is something you know I have and want pm me the price you think is fair. I will be updating with a full list of hardware and timestamps with pics soon. 




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