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On 7/30/2021 at 7:32 PM, Waffl3Ninja said:

You seem to have the exact same card has mine, limited black, so xtxh chip, and here his my best timespy score until now (+15% 2700mhz at 1.100V and 2100mhz mem fast timings). So it seems that there is still some variances between chips. What are the values when you auto-overclock yout gpu/ram ? mine are 2644mhz gpu and between 2080 and 2160mhz (!) for memory, Thx


have to agree with chrispy. only change to my last benchmark and the one i ran just a few minutes ago is the the new driver. I was pretty reluctant but Im happy with this one.


im going to read up a little bit more. just waiting on documentation from XFX because apparently aside of the scu numbers there is a huge difference between the two XFX black editions. i ll link the two. has to do with one having more efficient vrms and being able to hold a higher voltage.. 



holy shit i stand corrected. there are now 3 black edition variants.  

just did a quick copy paste edit. 


my contact at xfx kinda leaked but he didnt lol. no officially at least. he said the limited black editions were originally supposed to come watercooled but their was a backorder on the gpu waterblock plates and those went to the asus cards instead.(all speculation tho) maybe i can get some help if some of you on here have the other two. i have the limited black edition. need some simple benchmarks and numbers on the other two. just so i can put together a proper review of sorts.  


thats the update tho. 



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Just a heads up , there is one amd RX 6900xtxh liquid cooled edition reference board by amd with faster gddr6 18Gb/s memory chips hence why you see those insane memory overclocks now on some rx 6900xtxh cards , ~ 2480Mhz is the max i have seen a card do , compared to normal xtx and xtxh cards wish maxed out at 2120~2150Mhz using 16Gb/s memory chips is a huge boost in performance as seen on the futuremark / UL hall of fame Timespy world records for rx 6900xt. The bios is floating around and some people has been testing this reference liquid cool bios on non refrence pcb xtxh chips with good results as it seems timmings 2 on this bios has losser timmings but bandwith increase so much that it beats tighter timmings at 2150Mhz normal xtxh . The Bios can be flash using linux or programmer directly to the Bios chip.

 Lots and lots of new information has come to light also , like new Igor's lab More Power Tool now you can up voltage , fclk , PL  and many other settings that were locked before. This has been a game changing for latest subs that i have seen. Finally the whole RX 6xxx cards bios has been cracked wide open completely by MPT.

 Here is a list of tuttorials links that will help you get the most out of your RX 6xxx cards:










*** PS : There is a rumour around making it's round thru the rumour mill that there will be a complete refresh of the RX 6xxx line very soon with bigger cache and higher memory specifications *** take it with a spoon of salt as it is only a rumour for now , but it seems very likely to occur to fight the incoming rtx 3090 Ti and refresh rtx 3080 / rtx 3070 and rtx 3070 Ti.


This is a game changer now ... Tweak you heart out on your RX 6xxx cards and let's see more WR broken.

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Hello people!

I am not nearly as badass as you are guys, but if I am not breaking any forum rules I will ask you for help regarding my experience with Gigabyte RX6900XT Xtreme Waterforce.

I bought it 2-3 days ago, replaced my referance RX6800.

Firsly, It would not even pass Time Spy or even start Fire Strike, PC just shut down 2 days ago. Then I discovered that MSI afterburner, which was running in the background all the time, was causing some instability issues or something like that.

Uninstalling that app helped, I am able to pass Time Spy/Fire Strike at stock. 

Now, if I try to OC it, like 2.7-2.8Ghz on Core and it is unstable it still shuts the whole PC down. I have never encountered something like that, as before that there have been freezes, artifacts or unreponsive driver, but never shutdown PC with RGB of CPU monoblock and RAM still on.

Reinstalled windows as well today, but no joy. Is this a normal behaviour?



X570 Master

16GBx2 Corsair Dominator

EVGA 850GA Gold.


Any advise or tweak or anything would be  much appreciated!


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I would like to report the Shenanigans that has been happening for a while regarding out of line scores ( way to high scores when compared to similarly clock gpus ) ( cheat scores and not legit by hwbot rules ) using rx 6xxx gpus, not only in timespy but all of the 3d benchmarks. It has been known there is a bug when the subject submit a score to UL/FM to get a validated link even if it has disable teselletaion on the driver it gives you a valid link *NOT detecting the change in driver tesellation to OFF position instead of default.

Also there has been reports of files manipulation of scores submitted to UL/FM giving *AGAIN valid scores. I do not have all the details and most post about this cheats has been delete it and clean from the web. Only hardwareluxx and his members know of all of this tricks and some at overclock.net . Everyone now is completely silent about this since UL/FM did a clean up and delete it a whole bunch of cheat scores.

 I believe a new thread should be open to clarify all this mess and UL/FM contact by hwbot in relation to all this troublesome and almost indetectable out of line cheat scores.

@biso biso , @Rauf , @Leeghoofd , @der8auer , @Splave  @d0minat0rTake note guys since you have run ln2 on this cards.

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Regarding the original conversation about score disparity between 6900xts with some showing much higher score/clock efficiency in 3dmark.

Aside from the Tesselation bug, there's also power state feature modification where the card will stay full speed all the time vs leaving power saving features enabled. This significantly impact 3dmarks displayed "Average Clock", creating a perceived mismatch between average speed and score when the card clocks down during CPU test and isn't full speed during CPU bottlenecked combined tests.

My scores are 100% legit, #5 FSU HoF, and it reflects a much lower clock speed than the adjacent scores who were on Sub-Zero with power saving disabled, while I'm chilled with power saving features enabled.

Navi21 is a nightmare for meaningful 3dmark reported average speeds.

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