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How do you Hire a Developer? Any Assessment Software for Skills test?


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Since I have been working in the HR industry I can understand the problem of hiring technical person specially developer when you are non technical.. I noticed that other recruiters also having problems to hire technical person..

I am in search of some kind of solution that we can use to filter out the right candidates when you have numbers of CVs for the technical position. I found the assessment techniques on some job posting sites (indeed) where they show the assessment after apply for job is this really helpful and how we can use them?

Edited: Sorry for late edit, should I consider skill assessment platforms like codility.com, hackerrank.com, hiringuru.com etc.. how useful they are?

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Guest endpunkt
On 1/28/2021 at 1:47 AM, Leeghoofd said:

Women are just smarter and can type faster and without errors....

We have attractive blonde ladies doing traffic control on highways here. 4x I've spotted ?

Must have the right skillset. Hotness and ability to stop traffic


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there are several assessment tools say,   https://www.evalgator.com/ www.testgorilla.com and they seem to provide each candidate with a fair chance to express themselves. This makes sure you receive the greatest talent possible from diverse backgrounds. however, I feel, there should be a verbal discussion and some good old lovin as that will help us understand a person's hold on a skill set as not everyone is able to express to express his her understanding in a paper. sometimes analytical skill is very much necessary along with hold on a subject. 

say, there is a position open for RTL design engineer https://www.cientra.com/company/careers/ , and when the hiring and technical team meets  applicants for assessing his her skills on the required RTL design domain, and upon interaction - it will be quite helpful to understand the applicants involvement in a past project/ roles/responsibilities, the way he or she looks is more important though  and to what extent he she could be a good fit for the limited office space we have available for het posture...

my advise would be to have a cosey meet have a few drinks, shits and gigglez.

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