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I was just taking a look at a couple of the results files and screenshots I had for some benchmarking I did earlier this week before submitting them, and when I was looking over the rules again, I noticed that they would all have been "invalid" since I didn't have the platform clock enabled (fortunately, I have some Benchmate ones with HPET enabled, so I can submit those, though they weren't quite as good as the ones done from the HWBOT submitter).

Anyway, I noticed mainly that in the y-cruncher HWBOT Submitter, under the "Clock" column, it would list "HPET" if it was enabled. As an example, this submission shows that HPET in that column, but this one and this one do not. (I only referenced those ones, mainly because those were a couple of the scores I was chasing after). Should the sample screenshots be updated to show the HPET in that column?

Poking through a handful of the top scores, it seems like a number of the submissions from the submitter also don't have the platform clock enabled (because it's really easy to forget the rule and not enable it, and heck, even a couple of my submissions are technically missing it too), at least according to that column. It would appear the rule for the HPET being enabled for y-cruncher has been in place for awhile.

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The TSC detection is probably not working in the submitter. Empty cells in the clock column are very likely TSC.

y-cruncher scores are invalid when running on AMD and Intel pre Skylake with TSC on Windows 8/10. The examples above are on Skylake X, so they are fine timer-wise.

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hello all

with the new released benchmate 11.1.0 it is now available y-cruncher 0.710 and y-cruncher 0.8.2

current rules for Y-CRUNCHER - Pi-1B 
Y-cruncher v0.78.9507 or via BenchMate 10.12.2 or newer

current HWBOT Y-Cruncher 25B
Y-cruncher v0.8.1 or newer or via BenchMate 11 or newer

From my random tests there is a 3 to 4 seconds difference between using y-cruncher 0.710 and y-cruncher 0.8.2 for Y-CRUNCHER - Pi-1B


10900K 5GHZ
32.614  y-cruncher 0.710
29.401  y-cruncher 0.8.2

10900K 5.4GHZ
31.218 y-cruncher 0.710
27.901 y-cruncher 0.8.2

Question 1
is Y-CRUNCHER - Pi-1B constrained to use Y-cruncher v0.78.9507 and Benchmate y-cruncher 0.710 (if ycruncher 0.8.2 is used then it is not a valid result, submissions will need to be monitored and reported)

Question 2
can Y-CRUNCHER - Pi-1B be submitted with y-cruncher 0.8.2, there is a 3 to 4 seconds improvement using y-cruncher 0.8.2

Y-CRUNCHER - PI-25B (hwbot.org)
Y-CRUNCHER - Pi-1B (hwbot.org)

screens of the random tests at 5GHZ and 5.4GHZ

Thank you.





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