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Fellows, all you have to do is ask.


We have 3 x 9800GX2. If you want to ask us anything about the above scores, please do so. Don't just go assuming things.


- The 2k1 scores are done with 2 different 9800GX2's (2 different BBN). We have another one in stand by ( An Evga I think). Besides that, I see no problem in using same mobo, CPU or OS (even though I benched on I45 and Micutzu on TP45HP). The scores are done with 2 cards, therefor complying to HWB rules. I can prove this with pictures if necessary.


-The 2006 scores are done with 4 different 3870X2, on the same mobo/CPU/OS, all HIS boards. However, this I cannot prove with pics, the cards are sold a looooong time ago. Now we have 4 x 4870X2....


-"bhrams" and "brahms" is the same person, he probably made 2 accounts by mistake. Please delete one of them.



So before going all "HWBot police on my ass", please drop a PM and ask us what it is all about. It is not the first time or the last time hardware configurations are the same on HWBot. I mean..heck...for 2k1 single card there is no other hardware to use except for E8600 and 9800GX2 right now...and all GX2's on LN2 go between 950-1000 core and 1000-1200 GDDR, just take a look in the top 10 GX2 in all categories and it is not so hard to see that....


Now, please tell my if there is anything else that is not clear...


Link to a photo

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