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On 3/28/2021 at 8:54 PM, GTI-R said:

I don't understand how to create an OS

Not sure what issue you are having, You said in message that you did get the OS installed ? What's an SDD ? a hard drive
The Acronis .tib image / OS ?
You followed this guide, using the file (AcronisTrueImage.zip) from my previous post. Extract that and use the .ISO file to make a bootable Acronis drive
You can do this using Rufus or another program of your choice
Then you would just copy the the .tib file from Antome/Barbonenet in the APEX XII thread.
Boot to the usb drive you just made and select the .tib file

"Extract this folder and use a program like Rufus to make bootable flash drive using this True Image recovery iso 
Add the .tib image from thread above to the bootable flash drive, change boot order in Apex XII bios
and boot to flash drive Acronis True Image interface
Select the XP.tib file and restore. "

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The Run.bat file will start wahaha! then do waza cdt, c to d, d to c, c to d, d to c.
It should set affinity, set realtime, open Super Pi and close explorer

1) You need to copy wahaha!.exe to C:\Windows\System32
    It is included in Super Pi folder I uploaded

2) You can create Waza folder using OCX SPiTweaker 1.08 / also included
    Try 1200 C - D 1024

3) Remember you will need a 2nd partition for D:\ drive or a 2nd SSD / HDD

Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management -> Select the empty partition immediately after the disk C : -> Right-click and create the new partition D (it will be used for copywaza, if there is no empty partition you might need to shrink partition first ). 

Easy way to do this since the bench OS has most Services and Windows Features turned off is to connect this XP Bench drive to another computer. I like to use USB2.0/3.0 to SATA cable.
On this PC I'll have installed MiniTool Partition Wizard Free 9.1 (or similar) since it allows you to make whatever kind of changes you want

Super Pi.zip

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I'm not sure I understand all of your explanation.
Do you boot into a system for OC with Windows 10 and then connect an SSD with Windows XP installed to use it?
By the way, I am using something like the picture.
I can connect the SSD externally via USB.
Is this okay?
And Mini tool Partition Wizard free9.1?


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