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Thought I'd let it go wild. A benchBIOS made by Hardware Hackers (me in particular). Been known by some for about 10 years.
The thing is, I didn't add any features, it was all there done by Asus, I've just unlocked them and made some bench-related changes.

List of changes:

Based on latest 1024 beta

Set by CMOS default:

1) No logo screen
2) Floppy disabled
3) IDE timeout = 0
4) Overclocking mode = manual
5) MPS 1.4
6) Timings set manually
7) Spread spectrum disabled
😎 Onboard devices = disabled
9) Speech POST reporter = disabled
10) USB timeout = 10sec
11) USB Highspeed = enable

Moved following menus:

1) Hyperthreading moved to jumperfree (it's the only option needed in CPU configuration so moving in jumperfree saves some time)
2) Moved PCI Latency to chipset settings (it's the only option in PnP that is useful for changing for PCMark for example, so moved to a more popular section)
3) Moved memory timings to jumperfree except burst length (from previous investigations this menu doesn't do anything and I don't like useless things).
4) New memory divider menu has replaced the old one
5) DRAM Command Rate placed in Jumperfree under main timings
6) Created an "Advaned memory settings" submenu in Jumperfree and moved subtimings there (Burst length, Idle Timer, Refresh Rate and ECC capability too)
7) Placed Microcode updation instead of "Max CPUID level 3" (who needed that one anyway?) in CPU configuration.
😎 Placed AGP 4x Override under "Graphic Adapter priority" in chipset settings.
9) Removed AI tuner menu

So Jumperfree currently has frequency, voltage and timings on one page and that makes it close to AI tweaker.

Keyboard input for FSB frequency - it was such a waste of time to set the required value by pressing + or -.

Unhidden menus:

1)  All strap & memory dividers available despite the FSB frequency and labled clearly (by Asus, not me)
2)  Command Rate
3)  Dual Channel Organization
4)  Write to Read Command Delay
5)  Write Recovery Time
6)  Write-Read Command Spacing
7)  Read-Write Command Spacing
😎 Read Delay
9)  Dynamic Read Delay Adjustment
10) Microcode Updation
11) AGP 4x Override

P4C800-E mod.zip

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  • Crew
On 3/29/2021 at 3:30 PM, ludek said:

Have you discovered anything special in the BIOS?

Well, a lot of subtimings and some interesting things like another memory divider setting that allows to set dividers from another strap, not only your current allowing modes like DDR500 and DDR533 at 200FSB.
Most of these had an override like cross-flash for dividers or Memset for subtimings but they were already hidden in BIOS so I've made them available via BIOS. Plus many nifty things for benchmarking like disabling LAN/sound/ports and keyboard input for FSB frequency.
You can open the BIOS with AMIBCP and look through text strings, the settings are all listed there.

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