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ASRock Z590 OC Formula Thread:

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For the Europe region you can buy the motherboard here:  https://shop.jzelectronic.de/product_info.php?info=p45009_asrock-z590-oc-formula.html


For the Australia region here: https://cplonline.com.au/asrock-z590-oc-formula-motherboard.html


For America and Canada region here: https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16813162014


For India region here: https://kccomputers.in/shop/asrock-z590-oc-formula-socket-lga-1200-eatx-motherboard/

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On 6/28/2021 at 9:41 AM, Splave said:

does this mean you have joined the club :P

riddle me this bad man. how the heck do you tunr off the all this rgb on this board. when i try to enter into the bios setting, it says 'cant communicate with LED device' and asrock polychrome software doesnt seem to do anything either? 

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1 hour ago, Leeghoofd said:

Nick is working on it, he's fully into some new upcoming stuff... Hang in there

I will be patient. First impressions are so impressive, love it. Once that's fixed, this is gonna be a sick board (already is for RKL) 

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