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ASRock Z590 OC Formula Thread:

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On 9/23/2021 at 11:44 PM, GTI-R said:

Even though the DRAM voltage is 1.9V
DRAM voltage is 1.9V, but it is displayed as 1.8V, is that a specification?


Flash MEI in bios or OS has gone to sh!t

20 hours ago, GTI-R said:

I'm following the guide to install this eram, but I'm not getting the screen as the guide says, but I managed to install it, but I can't open drive Z.
After rebooting, it disappears.
I'm at a loss.

I think selecting "External (E) need edit BOOT.INI requires using batch file format_auto_eram.bat
I went into detail at RocketLake 32m Noob thread

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I just wanted to post this here for all the people getting bad SuperPi 32m times or having problems with the Macrium image from post # 1

The reason why the HWBot Windows XP is slow is because it has extra things installed and way too many services enabled. Use CCleaner to uninstall all this junk and the services picture to see how it should be set up
You should only have 12 processes running when you open task manager
Formula Drive is buggy but it does work if you install A-Tuning first
And use this picture to change services






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