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HWBot told me, my CPU is an Engineering Sample (but it's NOT)

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Hej there,

since I use a Intel 10th Generation Core i9 10900K for overclocking, I cannot upload any XTU Profile, cause HWBot told me, I'm using an Engineering Sample CPU.

I have checked everything with Intel Processor diagnostic Tool and Intel Processor Identification Utility an both say, everthing is fine and it is a regular Intel CPU and NOT an Engineering sample. All tested pasts correctly. How is this possible?




TESTRESULTS.TXT ProcessorID_20210424_132952.txt

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  • Crew

lo Roy,

There is an issue with all the datafiles from the white GUI  XTU version. We tested this and Intel has been contacted about it. From the transition from the black to the new white GUI ALL CPUs are detected as  engineering samples. It has nothing to do which CPU gen you benched nor its release date. It all depends on which XTU version you are running.

The HWBOT API is pretty basic and receives info from the XTU datafile if an engineering samplewas detected yes or no. HWBOT API does not decide if this is an engineering sample or not.

We hope to receive an update from the Intel XTU development team, they got all the datafiles and stuff like about 3 weeks ago, after we redid the testing on  our retail 2600K, 4770K, 5200U, 9900K CPUs

Sadly for your CPU you can't use the older black GUI version. It only supports up to 9900K...

Only thing is to hang in there till we get a reply from Intel what is exactly going on.

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  • Crew

Small Update from Intel:

Just wanted to give an update:

We appear to have reproduced the issue and are now narrowing down the version and changelists that might have caused the issue. We’ll keep digging and keep you posted.

So let us see what brings...

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