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Rocket Lake 32M Pi Tweaks for Noobs

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25 minutes ago, GTI-R said:

The combination of bclk and dram frequency and cache is a problem.
Can't run DRAM at 3866

I can only run cache at 4600MHz maximum on ambient cooling. Even using Formula Drive or physical buttons on mainboard the OS will freeze up when applying 4650 or more. Tried up to 1.625v

You need to try different combinations of bclk. Like boot up at 105 bclk and up to 106.4 in OS with 47 multi for cpu
That will give you 3830 ram option or 3970 for SR ram

Here are the directions I promised for installing ERam


step 1: Click "start" menu and open "Control Panel"
    Double click "Add Hardware"
    Hardware Wizard opens up
    click "Next"

step 2: Select "Yes, I already connected the hardware"
    click "Next"

step 3: Scroll to bottom of list
    select "Add new hardware device"
    click "Next"

step 4: Select "Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)"
    click "Next"

step 5: Select "Show all devices"
    click "Next"

step 6: click on "Have Disk"

step 7: Navigate to your extracted "ERam220 folder
    click "Open"
    select folder named "2000" and click "Open"
    click on "ERAM2000.inf" setup information file
    and then click "Next" 1 or 2 more times

step 8: ERAM is now installed and you should see icon in Control Panel
    Double click on "ERAM" icon to open up it's properties
    Type in 100000 for "Disk size"
    select "External (E)
    click on "Modify" and click "OK"

    You will be asked to Restart now, Say NO
    Go to Eram folder at c : or d: or e: \Eram220    
        NOT the Control Panel or Z drive in My Computer
    Double click on file named "format_auto_eram.bat
    Click OK
    Double click again on same file and then OK                
    Now it's time to Restart the PC

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To prep ERam for "fast start"

Create Folder on Desktop called "To Eram". Put Super Pi program in it

After E Ram installed, click on my Computer and you'll see "Z drive"

Drag Z drive to desktop (copy)

Now drag "to eram" folder (super pi) to Z drive on desktop
open that Z drive, open "to eram" folder in z drive
right click drag super pi to desktop to create shortcut

Open the Super Pi in Z - to eram the one you just created a desktop shortcut for, not the shortcut itself
grab bottom right corner of super pi window and pull up and left until you only see top bar with super pi logo and Super Pi / mod 1.5 XS
Hit Alt C (for calculate), then hit Enter 3 times. this runs 16K
do this like 15 times to get good score, close super pi and restart computer


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And how to use after the previous restart

Drag "To Eram" to "Z drive" on desktop, 
Open Shortcut you made before restart and run 16K once.
Now click Alt C, down arrow until you get to 32m, hit "Enter" ONCE only
You'll see screen that says "Hit Enter to run 32m" just leave it alone or move to side
 *WAZA* (Optional) Run a batch file such as "Waza.bat" or use OCX Pi Tweaker 1.0.8
Open Task Manager (Ctrl Shift Esc)
Details Tab, right click SuperPi, set Priority "Realtime"
Right click Super Pi again, go to "Affinity" and have checkmark only in cpu core box "1"
(Optional) Right-click - End Task -  "Explorer"

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Flash / Restore .GHO Ghost image
This is ridiculously easy, here's what you need

_A computer, preferably not your benching setup
-USB2.0/3.0 to sata 2.5" adapter cable. 


-Standalone norton ghost (only need ghost32.exe) 

1 - Connect any ssd to the cable, plug cable into pc with .gho file and Ghost32.exe (not bench rig)
2 - Open ghost         select local         
                                                        -> disk
                                                                      -> *from image*
3 - follow onscreen instructions to select the
        1) .gho file your flashing / restoring
        2) SSD you are flashing it to (bench ssd)
                probably will be called "Generic External" since it's connected with USB to sata adaptor cable
4 - Once ghost finishes don't click restart, just click continue and you can close the program now
 - Safe eject the external ssd and connect it to bench hardware
 - you now have a fresh OS all prepped ready to bench.










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On 9/25/2021 at 1:06 PM, GTI-R said:

I've tried several times, but no luck.

Sorry about the quality, but I made it a second time and focused in on the important stuff
In Windows XP I am just showing you how to stop the pop up's by Right clicking on driver in Device Manager and choosing Disable.

Also showing the last step in ERAM where you copy SuperPi folder to ERam "Z" drive and make shortcut for it.
Remember you need to run 16k for fast time first like in the directions

"Daily" rig or PC used for flashing .gho is z590 APEX
Benching PC is z590 OC Formula

Make images, use images, make your life easier ! Peace


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