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The Hynix DJR Thread!

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Hey guys, let's talk and post results of the hynix djr ic here.

You already know that these broke memory frequency WR on Z490, well things only got better on Z590.

With the better IMC from RocketLake now these sticks can be used for competitive benching as well. 

I had a shot with them on Asus Maximus XIII Apex and things are interesting.


Let me put it this way. On air a decent Hynix DJR Kit is most of the times better than a very good B-die kit. On cold if your Cpu can handle both high core clock and memory clock at same time, a decent Hynix DJR kit is similar to a great B-die kit. To tell the whole story, Hynix DJR is way easier to handle, no need for maxmem, if it enters windows it usually runs without hickups.

I was really excited about the Hynix DJR performance and really hoped that they will send the Samsung B-die at the thrash bin after so many years of painfull benching, sadly they cannot top but they are a very very viable alternative.
You can find 3 profiles in Apex Bios which work and they give a good starting point if you want to try Hynix DJR on your brand new Apex and Rocket Lake 🙂
Results on Intel 11900KF and Asus Maximus XII Apex:
Hynix DJR cooled down to -150:
DDR4-5866 17-27-27, memory score at 5 ghz on older microcode bios ==> 12058
Which is better than the memory score of Samsung B-die DDR4-5333 15-15-15 (12034) in same conditions.
Hynix DJR on air can do between DDR4-5600-5700 with C19 and the performance is equivalent to a Samsung B-die DDR4-5000-5066 C14.
Cold findings with Hynix DJR:
- they scale good till -50, at -150 there is a small gain but not much.
- trcd and trp remain same air vs cold, no gain
- trfc which really helps these ( 20 values tighter in TRFC gives 100 points boost in geek3 memscore) sadly is the same on cold
- secondary and tertiary go very low, on ln2 tighter than air but no performance gains. There are no twr or trtp or whatever issues Samsung B-die has.
Here is my best result with HyperX DDR4-4600 C19 based on Hynix DJR on ln2:
Similar performance to Samsung B-die at DDR4-5333 15-15-15
Feel free to post your results and experiences as well, maybe we can find some better binns or better sorting methods.
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In my test DJR is very slow at 32m because latency on aida isnt that good, on the other hand bandwidth is very great. Sadly my IMC isnt that great so im limited by it very much. VDIMM usually maxed around 1.8-1.92v on air depending on stick. And vttddr is usually 0.89-0.91v max stable, so keep this in mind. This is single rank stick.

Screenshot (62).png

Screenshot (26).png




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17 hours ago, TaPaKaH said:

Are these any good in 32M? Are these single- or dual-ranked sticks?

Single-rank, dual-rank djr should still be way easier than b-die on rocket lake. Regarding S-pi i did not test, shouldn't be that far off though, twr and trtp can go retard low btw.

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Nice thread Alex :)

Tried some low bin DJR on OCF to see how they stack up to good old B-Die. I couldn't get anything over 5200ish to pass GB3 so more than likely IMC limited. Performance seems great and not having to remove any memory is also a huge plus as this seems to benefit quite a few benches.

On this kit 1.86v was the sweet spot for training and higher vdimm yielded little to no gain when raising in os. 1.9v set in bios wouldn't train so not a very voltage tolerant kit.



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