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DDC - SDR SDRAM @ 250.7MHz - 250.7 MHz Memory Frequency

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Nice, better chipset than i815, didn't know that i845 has sdram support. But wait! Some very crap DELL motherboards I have had in the past had SDRAM support, ofc no overclocking on PLLs, sadly.

I've tested some p4 platforms: i845, i865, and i875. I think that all of these have the same memory controller, only difference is dual channel and PAT technology (and maybe ecc?). I remember that all of them ends around 240-250 MHZ mem. So looks like you maxed out this chipset, maybe quimonda wants more, but now I consider this motherboard as very good choice for SDRAM OC. Nice score!

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@4n0nym0u5b3nch3r Sorry sorry, you have a message ;) @ludek Chipset has some more potential, got it to 210Mhz, think main issue is the stock voltage now https://hwbot.org/submission/4422647_
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