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Blocked 7200 score.


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Sorry jmke my display and cpu area settings, are the same as yours.

I never changed any settings in 3dmark, I have no idea what i've done or what he means.


I don't want to resubmit anything that's not correct and i have no problem rerunning if I know what the issue is. ;)

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it's not that, 3DMark can be run correctly without nature if it is not supported, check the other 7200 scores.


@Cannon: check the Z-buffer settings; make sure everything is default; in your screenshot




right under the scores there is the beginning of "The ben..chmark was not run using default settings"



OK thanks!

I know where to look.

I may have set that locked off with powerstrip or ati ... ;)

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Yeah.. it's amazing that such cards are out there. Must be a fabrication error :D

I tried to keep pace, but there's just no way mine will go that far... Still, I did what I could toward finding those needed MHz to stay in the loop :)


We spent many hours and pm's getting this card figured out Cannon :)

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I don't at this time but I can take some, it's pretty plain except the ram sinks.

And koma is right it took weeks benching and testing it on different setups. It goes high but it doesn't scale well with the cpu still don't understand that.


Anyway thanks guys. I'll get a pic up for you and she still can be coaxed to go a bit higher. ;)

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