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  • Crew

I had a long zoom meeting with the programmer today. One of the key factors why HWBOT is slow at times is mainly due to the fact that one server handles it all. The Database is responsible for keeping track of everything:  all (new) submissions, competitions and therefore also the recalculation of all rankings and scores.

Also on each page there is so much data available in different tables , thus they require too many queries to fetch all the data. Data which is sometimes abundant and even irrelevant. Therefore we have some proposals to do some minor changes to several pages to get things soaring... at all times...

Benchmark list:

Current format



New format:


  • removal of World Record ranking (nothing displayed anyway)
  • removal of irrelevant point calculation of total amount of global and Hardware points
  • moving the Links section to the left





Currently if one clicks on one of the aforementioned benchmarks we end up on this page:



All Data needs to be fetched and cached for WR, Country Best, Team Best based on the users' Team and the Personal best.

Instead of listing all possible cores we might end up with a drop down menu to select the amount of processor cores:



Personally I don't see much use in the Country Best Ranking column so that might be omitted too.


Front page scores will be limited to 100 Max submissions and be refreshed max 48 hours of the submission.


When selecting eg a processor the 2D benchmark list will pop up, but also a 2nd table where this processor is also being used in other than 2D benchmarks. The latter list is rather exhaustive and will be replaced by a clickable button ( so the user can click if he needs to have access to this data )




Instead of having all the above data visible when loading the page, it will be hidden behind the button.




Tim is nearly finished with the wrapper, so we will be experimenting hopefully next weekend with response time, checking the difference in data transfer between the old and new page layouts and monitor the load and memory usage on the server(s).

Once this is working fine it will be full focus on the new points and the merge of With BenchMate benchmarks.


Feedback, insights & remarks always welcome


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the changes on benchmark list no worries.


The changes planned on Benchmark ranking overview I dont agree at all with. That is for me the most useful way to get an overview of what 2D benchmarks to run with what CPU's. (if we look at our own submissions tab then we cant see how well they rank thus the benchmark ranking overview is critical. By having the global, country and team rankings there i can also see if its even relevant to even try go for scores as well as help prepare for the challenges. 

Meanwhile i think it would be ok to show core 1 - 8 (or 2-10 cores) on  a first page to limit the search load. Then a click button to extend to the rest of the core amounts.


Meanwhile having been involved with web portals as well as organisational search engine development (not programatic but project level) I consider HwBot far ahead most portals in how data is presented and how it allow the user to look at data in the way that makes sense for the users thus different entry points and views of the same data, rather than just how a programmer think searches are to be done by a user (which is not user intuitive). I would prefer not to loose such ? I use the bot as a best practice example of how to do ?

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  • Crew

No specific, just logical sense. On your picture I think 1366 + 370 doesn't look good.
I think apples to apples would be good enough - AMD with AMD, Intel with Intel, relative sockets together or by date.
Say: 1366+1156, 775+771, 478+370, 939+462, 441+S1 if we stick to current socket count.

Also, MSI+Gigabyte together. And Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, ATI on one row.


Oh, and this looks broken:

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