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TerraRaptor - Radeon HD 3850 AGP @ 905/1098MHz - 26709 marks 3DMark2001 SE

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My 3850, 2 pcs, also dead - this one works epowered though. Smth is wrong with GPU vrm on both cards. I also did 23800 with 4650 Ddr2, CL and CH were much better (310/110) and couldn't match those numbers with 3850 yet (driver selection seems to be important to avoid strange stutters).

Will reinstall windows and retry (3dmark03 BSODs with even 2-3% bus overclock in GT2 and GT4 - I expect it to be weird driver issue).

EDIT: one needs a so called CSA-patch for catalyst 7.8-10.xx when cpu without SSE2 is being used and cpu frequency exceeds 1900Mhz - otherwise BSODs of 0x0000008E will happen in certain 3D (like Battle for Proxycon).

Should be installed in OS safe mode, after every driver update.


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You need VC++ 2005 SP1 redistributable package in order to run the patch.

It didn't help with hiccups in car test when the mech is shooting. I've tested many drivers and have no solution yet.

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