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Troubles with EPowered HD 5870


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I EPowered a reference Radeon HD 5870 and have been running into problems getting it to work. The OS I'm booting into has the correct video drivers as I installed them prior to the mod.

Initially I wasn't able to get any picture but the system would boot up fine (as I could tell via boot codes, drive activity, and leds on my mouse n such). Then I looked up the memory's voltage and used 1.5V for that and I initially got picture, but it blackscreened whenever I got into the OS. I could sometimes see flashes of picture if I jostled the card around a bit but could never figure out if it's my mount or my PCI Riser cable.

Right after rebooting a few times my system went into complete automatic shutdown right after hitting the power button. As in press power button -> automatic shut off. Honestly thought I killed my system. Had to revert back to my 1660Ti and reflash my motherboards bios to get my system to work again.

Now after plugging it back in it boot loops after getting to code b2 (Asus Crosshair VIII Hero) even after a cmos reset. Even weirder when I go back to using my 1660Ti I get the post screen error in the last photo attached to this post. No idea what it could mean.

Tried using 1.163V (which appears to be stock) and 1.35V (max the slider would go prior to epowering) for the core. Also tried remounting my waterblock and cleaning the pci fingers. I'm also making sure to apply the correct voltages as soon as I possibly can when I hit the power button.

Did I kill the card or is there something I need to do to the vc to mod it correctly? I've seen another guide about voltage mods and he didn't mention anything additional about the vc in both of his posts on this card.




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I was curious if it had something to do with my newer AMD setup or not. However, it doesn't really clarify anything since this card was working perfectly fine in the same setup before I did the epower mod. Was able to overclock and bench it out without problems with the original vrm.

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