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[FREEBIE] Kingpin Cooling VENOM 6.66 LN2 Container


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As the dutch saying goes:

"Niet geschoten is altijd mis"

Free translation: hé who dares wins twice.

So I am in too, thanks man for opportunity.

Bests Henkenator68NL


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Typo's (bloody T9 on mobiel)
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On 7/15/2021 at 12:26 PM, kimandsally said:

As always a super kind and helpful guy, I have to say the best friend I ever have had in this community, put simply an amazing human being.

Agreed ! Great kindness once again David !

FYI, I'm OUT of the CONTEST 

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It's all good!

I DON'T need to compete for the pot as I have lots.

To whomever gets this awesome cpu pot.
Thread the holes!
It will make it way more versatile and will keep load way better.

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