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Rocket Lake Variable OC Setup ? Asus Maximus XIII HERO

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Hey all, I have a question regarding a very specific variable overclock that I am trying to achieve.

I’m running an i9 11900K on an Asus Maximus XIII Hero.


So In short I was wondering if the following was possible to configure via the BIOS. I would like to hard set all cores to 5.1ghz so that the cpu speed never ever dips below 5.1ghz. However, I would like the cpu to boost 3 cores as high as 5.4ghz and the remaining 5 cores as high as 5.3ghz. At the same time I would like to have an AVX offset so that under heavy AVX load the cpu will clock all cores at 4.8ghz.


I am new to this generation of board and for the life of me I can’t seem to achieve the above, is this even possible? If it is I would greatly appreciate if someone with my exact board could tell me exactly which options to tweak to makes this possible. Other that that I am loving this setup and its been rock stable, 24Hr Prime 95 0 errors & Warnings, memory at CL16 3600mhz 1:1 Gear 1 & 1N using GSkill Royal Series.

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You can use the following settings in the Extreme Tweaker Menu:

  • AVX Related Controls
    • AVX2 Ratio Offset to per-core Ratio Limit -> User Specify
    • AVX2 Ratio Offset Value = 3
    • AVX512 Ratio Offset to per-core Ratio Limit -> User Specify
    • AVX512 Ratio Offset Value = 3
  • CPU Core Ratio -> By Core Usage
    • 1-Core Ratio limit = 54
    • 2-Core Ratio limit = 54
    • 3-Core Ratio limit = 54 (up to 3 active cores it will run 5.4G)
    • 4-Core Ratio limit = 53
    • 5-Core Ratio limit = 53
    • 6-Core Ratio limit = 53
    • 7-Core Ratio limit = 53 (up to 7 active cores it will run 5.3G)
    • 8-Core Ratio limit = 51 (if 8 active cores then runs 5.1G)
  • Specific Core -> set the cores that are good enough for 5.4G to 54X and all others to 53X or lower depending on their capability

Note that for AVX offsets on Rocket Lake it's a bit different than previous platform. When AVX is detected, it will drop the ratio on per core basis and not all core. For example, if 3 cores are active the ratio will be 54X for those cores. When AVX is detected, it will drop it to 51X. On previous platforms AVX offset was always based on the all core ratio (so 51X-3X=48X)


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