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GPUPI CPU Issues Ryzen 5300G

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Hey Guys,


i got some Probs with the 5300G.

With the faster Intel OPENCL 2.1 GPUPI quits calculation after four lines by the following error.

Error: Invalid partial result by a margin of 0.000000004497501

Calculation aborted due to an invalid partial result.

With the slower AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing 2.0 it works fine, but need more than 1 minute longer.

All settings stock.

What is the Problem, i lost more than 5 houres, by testin win 8, win 10, amd 7950gpu installed or 1080 ti. different drivers.

that makes me angry.

Board is x470 taichi.

does anybody know whats wrong

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New Test - New Asus Crosshair X570 - new win 10 

Download GPUPI inkl Intel OPENCL 2.1 with quick registration.

Same problem.


I see in my GPUPI window 

Intel opencl 2.1


In GPUPI windows from other users i see 

Intel CPU Runtime for OPENCL Applications 2.1


Splave's for example and mine. 



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 are you using maxmem? do you have the IGPU disabled? 


Can you try this version opencl see if its any different



I fail loop 4+ if memory unstable, or fabric too high but you are stock so must be something else. Can you try one dimm at a time maybe memory is unstable.


What AGESA are you on?

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41 minutes ago, Brutek said:

Thanks mate. You are the man.

Your Version works perfect. No more Issues.


my pleasure! I was wondering if the newer version maybe breaks some form of the support for AMD. The one I posted was the original they had on their website in the beginning without needing to sign up for anything. 

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