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TerraRaptor - GeForce 6600 GT PCI-e @ 746/702MHz - 14976 marks 3DMark03

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47 minutes ago, d0minat0r said:

Maybe wire is too long for e power?

I estimate power consumption as 100W here, vdrop is not big (i actually did a pretest with single pair of wires, then soldered another pair - no magic difference even with single pair of wires). Capmod didn't help either. These cards seem to prefer cold a lot. Tested a total of 3 cards (2 asus with infineon 2ns, 1 giga with samsung 1.6ns).

Important note on 6600GT (and other cards with ISL6534) - you better epower both vgpu and vmem as ISL6534 controls them both and likes to trigger protection if only single section is epowered. ISL6534 also controls PCIE 1.2v voltage but epowering it or changing it didn't help at all - so can be left at stock.

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21 hours ago, d0minat0r said:

My card did't gain on cold maybe 10 20mhz

Seems like Gorod was right saying that PCIE may influence the clocks on nv43 (http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?248552-6600GT-834MHz-gt-03-05-06-WR&p=4321051&viewfull=1#post4321051) - I did a quick test myself dropping bclk with 2500K from 104 to 100 and card lost stability. Probably nv43 needs a combo of temperature, voltage and pcie clock to show good gains. For me, going cold gained at least 100MHz.


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