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CHiL 8318 i2c interface


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I've been messing with this controller for a while now and have some basic voltage control for it. Full range voltage control and other details should be done by the end of the summer. The monitoring should be able to be applied to a 8266 as well. Most of this is based on the xml files detailing the i2c/pmbus interface in the evc2 software + disassembling/decompiling the raspberry pi voltage control software for the epower classified. I also verified this working with a arduino through a level shifter on a 680 classified through the evbot header.

Since the epower classified has the controller at address 0x40 instead of 0x46 I modded the binary with a hex editor use the different address. Tested working with the asp1212 on a 780 dcu. Just use vset_mod linked. My test program for the raspberry pi is also linked. To compile it make sure you link with the i2c lib. 

Heres a pastebin of the arduino code i've been messing with: https://pastebin.com/HwaiEBRU

Hopefully this should be enough info for anyone experienced with i2c to get basic voltage control. Once I iron out all the details i'll post a more complete overview with tools.

vset_mod asp1212-test-rpi.cpp

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