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Windows XP on Ryzen 5800X / B550 board

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Hey guys,

so long story short, I got good old Win XP 100% working on my B550 Aorus Elite V2 and 5800X CPU. I haven't done a lot of testing yet but currently it seems like the CPU performance is a bit higher on my 24/7 Win10. 

I can run legacy benchmarks and GPUs on XP though. 06 CPU score seems quite good. I can't even tell if the CPU is boosting correctly since CPU-Z and HWInfo don't really display useful information. I'm gonna try setting fixed clocks in BIOS. Maybe disabling Hyperthreading would boost scores - I'm not sure if XP / 06 can even handle 16 threads properly. If you have some ideas or useful information, go for it. For example, I'm not sure if scores will be valid even, because of clock generator/timing issue...

Original reason why I attempted to get this working, is because my 7600K + Z270 Apex quit working a few years ago, and I didn't have a bench setup for legacy GPUs anymore. Now I can bench them on my 24/7 setup, although I'm not sure how competitive. But surely Ryzen 5000 singlecore boost at 5 GHz will be plenty enough to get the last out of, like, a 8600GT. :)





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Pi 32M is slow, could not get wazza working.

Other than that, haven't tried legacy 3D, but it might be useful for cards where XP drivers are better.

It looks you're running in "Standard PC" mode though.

PS: It seems cpuz is wrong with the threads?

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