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[S2DDHT]Diamond - Athlon 64 X2 3800+ (Toledo) @ 3002.9MHz - 795 points Cinebench - 2003


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Interesting to see that your A8N-SLI doesn't have a 1T bug? It seems to be very common that around 235/240+ FSB cannot run stably at 1T, like my board. Have you tried higher MemClocks? Maybe you can post Rev and Production Date of that Board or something? Thanks
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At first thank you!
I've the Premium too (Rev. 1.02, i think it was the only Rev?), see here my Sub https://hwbot.org/submission/4806465
The used RAM (Corsair with TCCD) can run 1T 250+ on Socket A (462) A7N8X Deluxe (Rev 2), but not on this board, i would hope the fault is about my CPU, not the Board.

My CPU-Z -> Chipset says "K8 Bridge [Rev 00]"
Diamond's CPU-Z -> Chipset says "nForce4 [Rev A3]"
Is there something to know or because other CPU-Z version?

My CPU Batch is CCBWE 0541XPMW, so i think this is a very early Toledo, does anyone have any information on whether there were improved mem controllers in 2006?
Diamond's Batch would be interesting.
As i read Toledo E6 should be better as Manchester E4
More infos about my Chip (2T testing):
- DualChannel above 290MHz Mem is very instable, with struggle i can hit 300 idle
- with one stick ~330-340Mhz idle is reachable
- max BusSpeed i testet in this combi was about 390MHz

I only have an 3700+ SanDiego for more tests.

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