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Global Points awarded but not showing up in my Total


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I am completely confused on how the points system works at a basic level. Subs that I think should add points to my total points do not, and I have no visibility into where and why my points were taken away.. Is there a Scoring Guide or FAQ explaining Global vs Hardware vs Team points and how/why/when points are assigned? Better yet is there an API to pull down all my raw numbers? Earlier this week I made 2 submissions that each earned me 1 Global Point, yet my Season 2021 Point Total remains unchanged at 501.2? Earning Global points doesn't move my total, and Hardware points don't move my total, so what am I doing wrong? Not getting points, having them taken away and not being able to see why, this whole opaque system leaves me at a complete loss on how to progress in my league and I am beginning to feel like I'm wasting my time bothering to make submissions here. I can't be the only one, so who can set me straight?

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  • Crew

The Bot does not recalculate the aforementioned points hourly, nor daily, it is set at intervals.

if you just add one or two points here and there, your totals might not really move your seasonal ranking as it is made out of: 

Top 10 competition points in 2021 ( this one counts the most)
Top 15 global points in 2021
Top 30 hardware points

Imagine you have already had a few global scores with 1-2 points, the system will only take into account the Top 15 made this year, same for competition points and hardware points.


For career competition points are not taken into accounts just your top 30 global points and 60 hardware points, so that might be eligble to move sooner ( in case you didn't have 30 Global /60 Hardware subs yet)

Taking into account all hardware points is Hardware Master ranking and the Global Point Master ranking. In Hardware master more subs is better. For the rest you have to do some research and set your goals.

You bench a lot, but mostly benchmarks that don't give any global points. 





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On 9/22/2021 at 9:19 PM, Leeghoofd said:

You bench a lot, but mostly benchmarks that don't give any global points. 

Granted, not scoring any Global Points would make it sort of hard to increase my total. But when I do earn 1 Global Point should I not see it reflected in a 1 point increase in my Season Total? Or are you saying one can earn Global Points but still not be in the Top 15 in which case they do not count towards the Season total? When you say TOP 15, do you mean the Top 15 Overall for the benchmark regardless of hardware or do you mean the Top 15 for each different CPU/GPU category?  Also, can I assume then the answer then is No, there is no FAQ that explains everything?  No API either? I just need to sit back and relax and trust the systems works, and it's always right and never wrong? I'm not being a smart ass, I'm asking straight up can I trust the system to award me what I earn?

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  • Crew

I had a quick look at your sub list and you have made over 20 scores with global points in 2021, mostly with your RTX 3090, 3700X, 2200GE & 2500K. Looking at your career there's only a 16 point difference between this season and the 2 years you are active at the bot.

The limit that is taken into account for Season ranking is 15. Global points are given per benchmark per eg 4 core CPU or single GPU. So if you bench Timespy with your RTX 3090 and you get 5 global points there, a lower score with an RTX 3070 will not give any Global points.

So doing more submission for globals might help, but many of your Global points are with 1 point. Thus if you want your points to move you need to do your homework first and check where you can score more global points than 1.
Also take into account the ranking moves, so you can loose points too. To boost season ranking best you can do is to compete in ongoing competitions not only as an individual but also in Team/Country based competitions.

On top of that the recalculation is not daily, so sometimes you have to wait few days to see the ranking move. 

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