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Questions about buying AMD

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So I'm considering switching to an AMD CPU for performance and power reasons, (not to mention the upcoming Ryzen 5000 refresh with the 3d V-cache).

On Intel, the memory controllers get better performance from quad rank memory configs, due to the motherboard T-topology, so I bought 4 single rank memory sticks for my build. Now I am looking at AMD motherboards and it seems all of them are daisy chained. Does that mean quad rank does not matter as much? Does using 4 sticks still help memory performance on AMD? Hurt it?

Also, I am pretty newb to AMD CPU overclocking so I am expecting to just use PBO in the beginning and maybe voltage curve optimize later on once I figure out the basics. Does having a crazy strong VRM matter for PBO and under volting? I am going to start with a 5600x and might end up getting an 8 core with 3D V-cache, whatever they end up calling it (5800xs?).

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Four single rank DIMMs in a dual channel configuration is a dual rank memory configuration. Usually dual rank will have better perfomance at the same clocks as single rank but single rank will often clock higher than dual rank.

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