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GTX555 Power Card


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Hi Guys,

after learning so much on forum, I wanted to share some insight with you on a GTX555 OEM Power Card, that I created for testing purposes.

While not delivering a punch, this Power Card runs off of 12V only with no need to add extra +3.3V or +5V voltages. 

The VMem Controller is a APW8725a that needs no modding, it is just running even after the cut and deliveres 1.4V

The VCore Controller is a NCP5388 that I VID-modded to 1.03V

On the backside of the card, you need to connect one of the VCore Input Phases as this was fed originally by the PCI Express.


Maybe someone has a use-case for this :)

If you want to know more, or need better explanations/pictures, let me know!






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Better pictures
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