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MSI Z690 UNIFY-X and other MEG series BIOS removed all the memory limit overclocking parameter templates, leaving Hynix 4800MHZ

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MSI Z690 UNIFY-X and other MEG series BIOS remove all memory limit overclocking parameter templates, leaving Hynix 4800MHZ! ! !

In the past, DDR4 MEG series boards have at least 7-8 groups of restricted parameters in addition to the TRY IT option.
Other memory limit parameter options have at least 7-8 groups of limit parameters! !
Samsung, Hynix, and Micron all have high-voltage operating parameters. Finally, there will be 4.5 sets of LN2 parameters.

This time DDR5 completely removed these parameters that should have been. Especially the MEG series and LN2 mode boards,
This time DDR5 must have been completely dismantled by MSI engineers! great! There is a shadow in my heart.
I was afraid that others would know the parameters and learn the parameters, so I continued to shoot the video.

Teaching seems to be reluctant to teach the whole movie nonsense! Even the parameters are directly removed in the BIOS,
Let ordinary users like us do not need to fill in the parameters. Buying these boards is simply rubbish~ If the parameters are
The user fills in, then we can only be engineers. We just spend money to buy a board and play easily. If there is a template,
Then apply it! The current situation is that DDR4 TOPPC has only been left behind by users of his company.
Chuangjia posted a video and was beaten immediately!

These common reasons have caused the shadow of DDR5~ I am afraid that our company’s board will behave as normal.
Template parameters, people who buy these boards will threaten him to rely on the boards.
Advantages of the factory~ If you spend money on hardware, you can get the same physique as a board factory!
Add template! Then these board manufacturers RD will not have the function of eating shit!
So even if the template board is removed, the price is higher than before!
Do something that makes the board less complete! It should be said to be cutting corners



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