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LGA 1156 OC high bus speed


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Hi I cant fall 216FSB (Bus speed) wall at socket LGA 1156 can someone help me with tips and tricks how to fall this wall ?
I have this hardware

MB: Gigabyte P55A-UD3,Asus P7H55
CPU i3 530,i3 540,i3 550
Mem :Adata Xtreme series 2000MHz CL9-9-9, Some kingstone DDR3 1600MHz CL9 kits
Cooling: AIO Kraken X62 if i fall 220FSB wall i have LN2/dice CPU pot for testing higher FSB
GPU: HD 3650

Bios settings for 215FSB (i3 530,i3 540,i3 550 same for all of them)
10x multiplier
215Bus speed
1290MHz DDR speed CL8-8-8-24-88-1T
CPU voltage:1.4V
DRAM Voltage:1.65V
PLL voltage:1.9V
QPI/VTT voltage:1.31V

tried to add litle bit voltage for PCH (1.1V) did not help.

Thank you very much ❤️

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33 minutes ago, TerraRaptor said:

In order of priority:

1. Try lower QPI/DMI link multi in bios

2. Lock PCI-E at fixed frequency not auto (like 99-100-101-etc - several attempts)

3. Try single channel

I lowered QPI/DMI link in bios and tried singlechanel helped a bit i can now go for 225FSB with i3 530 i will try tomorow with another CPUs if i am bricked at 225FSB or it is just bad bin cpu and cant hit higher FSB thank you :)

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240-260FSB is pretty easy if you keep everything in proper ratio.. and dual channel isnt a problem but can depend on CPU. QPI for Clarkys can go pretty high.. like +4.6ghz.. its mainly your Uncore/NB and mem that you need to keep in check as you try to scale FSB. You can test this on air easily and just scale up your CPU once youre cold..they are really easy little CPU to bench cold. Also - lower PLLv to 1.5-1.6v when cold, for better CB temp.

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