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Elpida hyper memory


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The P/N you mentioned were the kingmax Hercules ram.






Judging from the pics i found on the net and the specs given (CL10 @2200 at 1.5 XMP) , i'd say they dont look like Hyper.

Most probably some other variant of Elpida chips (maybe BBSE) ?





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I have not experience about ram.you can be true .I try to find elpida hyper .I have gt c888.It can do 6-7-6 2.1v. I want better than this so I looking to second hand market then I see this .

btw i find one more but I didn't see any info .

Flke87f-c8kl9a mais

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14 hours ago, TASOS said:

Here is how an Elpida Hyper looks like

Look for the dot's at the edge of the chip.



IC shape is also quite unique, only other DDR3 ICs with non rectangular edge are 1Gbit BASE (non hyper), which, to my knowledge, doesn't show up in bins higher then 1600c7 and 512Mbit BASE, though that one is almost square and isn't gonna show up in 2GB Dimms anyways. 

1600 6-6-6, 1866 7-8-7, 2000 8-8-8, 2133 8-8-8, 2250 9-9-9, 2200 8-8-8, 2000 7-8-7 and 2250 8-8-8 are almost safe bets to get hyper (some gskill 2000 8-8-8 are BBSE).

In my experience, corsair bins are the best bet; as unobtainable as GTX2 and 2000c7 are, they are much stronger bins then pretty much anything else around. Best findable bins are triple kits of 1866c7 and 2000c8 corsair, but much beyond 2000 6-7-5-20 2.0V is not common on those bins on ambient cooling, though I've found some unicorns...

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