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[FS][EU] Ultimate Collection (Lot) + Cascade Unit


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Its time to move on (or make a break)

Selling my entire collection

Please no answer till finish listing

Thanks a lot

-Not Retiring- :)


Boxed Motherboards

Maximus II Formula.  -sold-
Maximus III Formula   -sold-
Maximus IV Extreme.  -sold-
Maximus V Formula   -sold-
Maximus IX APEX   -sold-
Rampage IV Extreme
P5E64 WS Evolution
K7N2Delta ILSR
Abit IC7   -sold-
Abit NF7-S
Gigabyte Z170 Designare


Crosshair III formula
Crosshair IV Extreme
Striker II NFS
Asrock DualCore-VSTA (3pieces)
Rampage II Extreme
P4C800-E ver2.0
K7D Master (Dual socket A)
CUV4X-DLS (Dual socket 370)
PT4 (socket 423)
GA-5AX (socket 7)
Intel Socket 8 motherboard

Boxed GPU

ASUS 8800GTS 320
MSI GTX560ti Hawk   -sold-
Sapphire X1900XT 256MB
Sapphire 1950 GT (Pci-e)
Sapphire 1950 GT (AGP)
Gigabyte HD4850 silent
Sapphire HD 5770
Sapphire HD4770


Entire collection from PCI to PCI-e (will add detail models etc)


Entire collection from socket 7 to socket 1151 (will add detail models etc)


Entire collection from EDO to DDR4 (will add detail models etc)

Cascade unit, build recently


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  • Obijuan83 changed the title to [FS][EU] Ultimate Collection (Lot) + Cascade Unit

Hello my friends,
Sad news to see the sale of your entire collection. ?
You will come back later. 

I buy you the following lot:

Maximus II Formula
Maximus III Formula
Maximus IV Extreme
Maximus V Formula
Maximus IX APEX
Abit IC7
MSI GTX560ti Hawk

You know how in love I am with boxed ROG motherboards. ☺️

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