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Quad DIMM DDR4 (4x8 GB SR) Stabilized at 4,000 MHz Gear 1

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Done on the MSI Edge. I thought it was impossible, but it apparently wasn't. Just wanted to share my configuration in case anybody else wants to attempt the same.

The timings are the tightest they can be, although I haven't tried tightening tRP, tRAS, or tCWL further. RTLs are mismatched due to mixed kits (two 2x8 GB Single Rank kits).

Trained with ~1.40V VCCSA and ~1.49V VDIMM (BIOS), on the Memory Try It! "4,400 MHz Gear 2" profile, on BIOS version 1.22 (7D31v12).

This *was* done with a binned DDR4 IMC on a 12900KF that can boot up to 4,300 MHz Gear 1, which is quite rare for 12900s. So expect difficulty with any IMC that's even marginally weaker. 3,800 MHz max might be the realistic max for most chips. (Which would be even lower on a 12700 or worse.) And the board *could* be T-Topology? Dunno.

The same 4x8 GB DIMMs could boot up to 4,400 MHz on Gear 2. 4,533 MHz only POSTs. With 2x8 GB, I could boot 5,000+ MHz.

I'll test out my 4x16 GB SR Micron B-die kit at some point in the future, when I'm not lazy and busy.

@4000 G1 Quad Stable.png

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