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[FS] X58/LGA1366 CPUs


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Up for sale some X58 CPUs which I have acquired over some time.




1. Core i7 Extreme 975


Pretty decent CPU, did 4.55 wprime32m at around 1.36v, and on LN2 topped around 5.75 for Pifast and I saw 5.8+ on Foxconn Bloodrage a few times. Price 80€ + shipping





2. Core i7 930 32M record CPU


A new 930 which seemed pretty ok on water although not astonishing. Did pretty good overall, well above 5.3GHz for 32M and around 5.4 for 1M and Pifast. I don't see this one taking down Semjon in 1M and Pifast so it can go. Price: 80€ + shipping





3. Core i7 Extreme 980X 3005F725


Pretty decent on good water, was around 4.8 for WPrime 32M at 1.4v with Odd Ratio. Price: 110€ + shipping



4. Core i7 Extreme 980X 3005F832


No more exact info on this one. Price 85€ + shipping





Payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer. For shipments I recommend some kind of envelope. I also have other old CPUs both X58 and 775 so those can be asked about too and could make some pack deal.

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