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1 hour ago, der8auer said:

We can fix that for sure. Apprentice can participate here

Apprentice against LN2 Roman ?

Not even worth trying I am afraid :(

Rookies, Novice and enthusiast members compete on the same cooling method ( Ambient )

LN2, well it is LN2 !

Apprentice members do not fit anywhere.

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Few questions if that's OK ?

Can you just run a few cores for single core benches .

What are the benches to be run .

How do you put your score up .

Oh , do you have t run  hwinfo at the same time .

I can see this thread but nothing else regarding this .

I am just a beginner at this so sorry for the stupid questions .




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  • Crew
  • Stage 2: SuperPi 32M by BenchMate - 4800 MT/s memory clocks

  • Maximum core/cache frequency of 6505 MHz.
  • Maximum memory Frequency of 4800 MT/s
  • A CHECKED CPU-Z 2.01 (or newer) Validation link is required, registered on your HWBOT username.
  • Include pictures of your overclocked setup.
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