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G7400 LN2


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Got three one G7400 left:


#1 - best scoring chip, china batch comes with retail box



#2 great clock, not sure why efficiency is lacking a bit for me. china batch comes with retail box



#3 chip does 5.55 on ambient from luumi, according to him it does 6.2-6.3 on cold. I didn't have an easy time handling this chip on my board tbh. your mileage may vary. Vietnam Batch no retail box.





#3 75€


payment through paypal F&F

Items located in germany

buyer covers shipping (I can ship world wide)


It's a privat sale. All sales are final.

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33 minutes ago, l0ud_sil3nc3 said:

I know why you're efficiency is lacking, just look at your max effective clock ?

Regardless these are all killer cpu's so free bump for you :D


it varies quite a bit with these G7400 from my testing and often doesn't make sense.

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3 hours ago, RigasGR said:

can you please inform if 1 of 3 is decent on water , with a decent voltage 

thanks in advance 

yes #3 is really good on like 26c water, 5.5 with 1.4v set. I haven't tested the others on ambient to be honest. In general I saw like 53-54x on regular g7400.

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