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BIOS Settings to OC AMD Athlon 5200 Help pls


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Greetings to all!


After having my rig for almost a year I decided to try little OCing. I red many forums and got some information to start but after my initial try to change settings in bios I reach nowhere.


I'm looking forward to increase the CPU performance to 40-50% on the custom Air Cooling.


I would appreciate ANY help.


Here are my rig specs:

AMD Athlon 64 x2 5200+ Windsor

MB Gigabyte M59SLI-S5

RAM 4x1GB Kingston DDR2

Gigabyte Custom Heat sink

Power supply Force 900W

GPU Gigabyte GTX280 1GB DDR3

Vista Ultimate 32 SP1






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Thanks for the reply - 40-50% hehe obviously I'm not gonna do that with this processor, actually I was aiming exactly @ 3GHz..


So after some reading and trials this Saturday currently I'm running the Orthos Test on the rig and here is the link to CPU-Z >>




I tried to top up the bus speed @ 222 but the system failed to boot;

I tried @ 220 and the Windows loaded. The Orthos failed after 2 min of blended test...


Now the test is running at the published settings 20 minutes and the rig looks stable.


The question is have I reached the STABLE top??..

Stable because I need the rig for gaming at the end of the day :)


Thanks for your posts


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