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LunerK9 - GeForce RTX 4090 @ 3135/1485MHz - 72276 marks 3DMark - Fire Strike

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Hey, I've been working on moving up the firestrike leaderboard the past couple of days too. I've got my graphics score dialed in pretty well, can do 89k pretty easily. Struggling to get my combined score up though. Increasing CPU frequency doesn't seem to help much. I've been having my best luck at 5.8ghz. Im running a 13900KS that i have delidded and relidded with LM & a lapped rockitcool IHS. Full custom loop with dual 420mm radiators, EKWB velocity2 waterblock. 13 e-cores enabled. Stuck at 29k combined. Any suggestions? https://www.3dmark.com/fs/30318614
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There is no real way to lift the combined score by itself that ive found as fs seems to be very random from run to run so its hard to tell if something works. The best option if you have another drive is try another os as it might have a different balance.
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