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PCMark05 HB Rules,FM Rules and correct submision for ranking.


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wow - another interesting PCMark05 thread...looks my favorite benchmark is getting ready to get canned.


Well maybe the time has come to kiss PCMark05 goodbye. Fact is - HDD scores are too heavily scoring if SDDs/IRAMs/ACARDs are used. It's getting too confusing what is legit and what is not. To the OP - sorry as cool as your score is - like Gautam tried to relay - 9000mb/s as simply not possible by current hardware alone. A single RAID controler in a perfect setting might!!! hit 1200/mbs, 3 PCI-E theorectically could hit about 3000mb/s - but 9000mb/s simply is not possible without the help of some innovative caching. Whether the caching is done by a driver, software solution or software ram drive is secondary - the problem is that the scoring is not representing real world performance of your actual hardware.

I am using software ramdrives in my 24/7 settings - they truly do make computing a lot more efficient! But at this point in order to "police" the bench I feel it gets too hard to monitor what is legit and what is not if we want to only benchmark the hardware.

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MAYBE it's time to remove PCMark as a global benchmark, but to completely remove points for 7500 normal scores because some new HW gives some weird scores is the worst possible solution! Then it's better to create some rules that would limit the problem, and let people continue benching. I bet this kind of issue happens to 3dmark01/03 etc someday, too.

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