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Why is everyone so hooked on marketing slogans? I don't think "our first attempt to bring a mainboard dedicated to overclocking to the market, with compromises for sales and management, that does not have 90% of the features you disable anyway" is catchy enough to put on a box.


SOOO, if this was an attempt to debunk the myth that marketing always tell the full 100% truth, then 'hooray' you succeeded. Now, let's stop moaning about the marketing slogans. Waste of space and time.


Regarding the questions, pretty sure it'll be either Abit or ASUS on all questions.


//edit: or Soyo!

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Thx for editting and Soyo been added :)



Anyway, you are talking about adding OC features.

What Gigabyte (Hicookie) did, they had nuts to release something that wad looking like a prototype or a only one sample board to only be showed at events, like Asus PinotNoir and Marine Cool.


They didnt only showed that its possible to make a dedicated OC board they will show that its possible to sell it and find customers ;)


My english is a bit limited but you will understand

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Yes, Abit Softmenu was the first.


Then was chaintech and pcchips. I've got a PCchips board based on sis 5597/5591 socket 7 which has voltage, multi and might be (not absolutely sure here) FSB in BIOS. Intel implemented this in their 975XBX Bad axe board say... ten years later? :D LOL

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