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Phenom II with *hidden* L3-Cache/Cores

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Hi folks :)


for sure you read about how to get a Phenom II X4 using a X3-CPU. Now there are rumors about how to get 6 MiByte L3-Cache with X4 800, too.


Now let`s have a look at the rules:

"if you have a CPU with unlocked multiplier, please only submit results under the hardware category of its original model. Don’t emulate other models to gain HWboints, if you are caught you will get penalized or even banned."


I`m not sure if it is allowed to upload scores done with an unlocked X3 or X4 800. IMO the rules are broadly defined, but not explicit.

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if you unlock it, still submit the results under X3 :)


So that means that any benchmark that is multi threaded will benefit from more cores.


an X3 720 with a good unlocked 4th core will smoke any 720 in its normal 3 core configuration in wPrime!



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Hi there I have a Phenom II X3 720 BE unlocked. But if I go into CPUZ it says it's a Phenom II X4 and down a little it says Phenom II X4 20 processor.

So it does change it from a Phenom II X3 720 BE in CPUZ for a screenshot.

So even if you submit like I did under Phenom II X3 720 BE the screenshot has it different.


So what do you do?

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