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Painted or GPUZ error ?

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Here are the submissions :











When you look at the screenshots the Device ID is 5B63 which is the Device ID of the X1050 128Bit (you can take a look at the X1050 128Bit Ranking for proof)


The real Device ID of the X1050 64Bit is 5B60 then why on his screenshot it's written 5B63 + 64 Bit ?


Is it painted or it's a GPUZ reading error ?

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Found that:




We really need to have hardware specs for graphic cards back on the graphic cards info page.


We need to split a bit the x1050 xD


LOL, my card is even not listed and I am fucked everywhere : 325/250 MHz -.-

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Seems x1050 128 Bit they are all with 400/200 MHz


Now looking at x1050 64Bit lol :









Yep we have to blame GPUZ, no DDR2 in the ranking ! I think GPUZ doesn't reconize DDR1 or DDR2 for this card.

Mine is DDR1 : Hynix HY5DU561622CT-4

250MHz stock



He managed to beat my i7 2600K with less clocks on the graphic card and a pentium E2160, he must a really good tweaks, I am not a tweaker :cool:



this one is just :eek:




333Mhz stock and 420 MHz OC for the mem, this one must be DDR2 ?


knut said only one card for gigabyte x1050 64Bit:




Said GDDR2 ;)

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