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Crap. An error happened.

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I'm trying to submit a new SuperPi result and I get the foolowing error, any ideas:



Crap. An error happened.


We could blame this on you but it's most likely our crappy coding skills. You could try again or nudge our developpers for fixing this.

Error message

org.apache.torque.TorqueException: com.mysql.jdbc.MysqlDataTruncation: Data truncation: Data too long for column 'name' at row 1

Error stack trace

org.apache.torque.util.BasePeer.throwTorqueException line 105

org.apache.torque.util.BasePeer.insertOrUpdateRecord line 680

org.apache.torque.util.BasePeer.doInsert line 562

org.hwbot.persistence.base.BaseImagePeer.doInsert line 238

org.hwbot.persistence.base.BaseImagePeer.doInsert line 605

org.hwbot.persistence.base.BaseImage.save line 8788

org.hwbot.persistence.base.BaseImage.save line 8752

org.hwbot.persistence.base.BaseImage.save line 8733

org.hwbot.web.actions.SubmitResultAction.run line 190

org.hwbot.web.actions.HwbotAction.execute line

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